Welcome to Kotak811, where bank meets phone.

Bringing you the truly digital, one-app bank.

Powered with technology. Built on trust. Controlled by you

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    Serves everyone

    All citizens of India can open a Kotak811 account

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    Runs all the time

    Kotak811 is a bank inside your phone. So, it is always open

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    Works anywhere

    Home or outside, the bank is where your phone is

Manage your account online with Kotak811

The nearest bank, wherever you are

Visit branches no more. Create an account and manage your money online.

Zero balance account paperless and digital Kotak811

A savings account with zero paperwork

Digitally open your Kotak811 zero balance account with PAN & Aadhaar. Complete your KYC from the comfort of your home.

With 811, debit cards get virtual ...

Get a no-fee virtual debit card with your Kotak811 account that sits inside your phone, on the app. Use it to shop and pay online. Order a physical card if you like.

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virtual debit card on your phone

... and credit cards get easy

Credit scores can’t limit you anymore. With a Kotak811 account, you’re always eligible for a credit card, because everyone deserves to be rewarded.

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Credit cards made easier with Kotak811

Next-gen security meets age-old trust

Governed by RBI regulations, Kotak811 guards your money with top-notch security, so you can save and spend worry-free, through your phone.

A bank that takes you in laziness and adventure.

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