Rebuilding your bank, byte by byte


Innovators first, bankers next

Turning footsteps to a bank to finger taps on the phone - we innovate for comfort.


Inspired by change, to set in a revolution

When 8/11/2016 ushered in the unknown, Kotak811 gave India the power to step into the new, with the trusted companion - Kotak Mahindra Bank.


Dedicated to inquire, innovate and inspire

In the Kotak811 way of banking, the customer comes first, every step of the way.

We always serve by the rules.

We innovate to build future- facing solutions for today

Technology courses through everything we do to offer an enhanced banking experience

We focus on agility to move with the people we serve

Being digital-first allows us to evolve with the rest of the world

We put the user first, every step of the way

Our approach to banking is non-negotiably customer-centric

We carry the tradition of Kotak Mahindra’s trust

The iron-clad trust of Kotak Mahindra Bank inspires us to achieve and offer the best

The Essentials

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Manish Agarwal

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Shanti Ekambaram

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Jay Kotak

Applications open for being different, full time.

Writers, coders, bankers, and magicians - you’ll find them all at Kotak811. The ones who fit in, the ones who stand out; and on a lucky day, you’ll spot a shapeshifter too. So whether you speak in languages or emojis, whether you fall asleep listening to

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