Track a Debit Card

How Can You Track A Debit Card That’s Lost/Stolen

Your debit card is one of your most important assets. It is convenient to use and extremely efficient for making transactions. But have you ever wondered what happens if the debit card gets stolen or lost? 

You need to take the right measures to protect the debit card from being stolen or lost. The question here is: can you ever track a debit card status when it gets lost or stolen? In this blog, we will cover all the crucial aspects of a lost or stolen debit card.

Is it possible to track a stolen or lost debit card?

If you have lost your debit card, unfortunately, you cannot track the debit card status. There is no way through which any bank or police can help you track a stolen or lost debit card. However, you can always take the necessary steps to protect your card.

It is advisable to take care of basic things so that you're never at risk of having your card stolen. If you have all the necessary card details, there are some ways through which you can easily retrieve the card. 

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Security features of debit cards to protect against theft

Even if you have never experienced a stolen or lost card, you must take proper security measures. This often plays a vital role in avoiding the risk of exploitation by criminals.

 Some of the prominent things that can help secure your card are as follows:

1. Signature

It is advisable to put a signature on your debit card to protect it. Every time you purchase using your card, your signature will help the vendor verify your identity and ensure you're the card owner.

Moreover, the debit card signature will also help prevent unwanted disputes with the merchant. In the event of disagreements, you will always have proof. This will help you prove your case and avoid fraud. 

2. CVV

The card verification value (CVV) is available on the back of the card. It is a three-digit code that the bank provides to enable online transactions. Always try to keep your CVV safe and secure.

You should never use a shared Wi-Fi connection when using your debit card in public. You can consider signing up for an identity theft protection service. They will help you monitor your personal information and prevent any suspicious activity in your account. 

3. PIN

Always set a solid PIN for your debit and credit cards. Choosing a custom PIN (personal identification number) can help add an extra layer of protection against fraud. Anytime anyone tries to use the debit card, they will have to enter the PIN. This ensures that your card remains secure. Those who wish to avoid the hassle of debit card tracking can go for a Kotak 811 virtual debit card, available with a digital savings account.  

4. Transaction limit

Debit cards have made electronic transactions pretty smooth. You must keep a close check on your transaction limit to ensure there is no risk of overspending. It also helps protect against any fraudulent transactions.

If you ever go above the set transaction limit, you will receive an alert message. If your card is ever stolen or lost, the set transaction limit will help curb debit card's fraud risk.

What to do when a debit card is stolen or lost?

It can be stressful if you ever lose or get your debit card stolen. Before someone uses the card for any unauthorised transaction, here's what you can do when your debit card is stolen or lost:

  1. Immediately call customer care and block the card. This will prevent your card from being misused by anyone. It is as simple as converting your eligible Kotak 811 debit card purchases into EMIs. 
  2. You can call your bank immediately and notify them that the debit card has been stolen or lost. Your bank will cancel the existing card and issue a new card. 
  3. You can use the banking app or net banking to change the authorisation settings of the card. As a result, all online and ATM transactions will be restricted. 
  4. It is advisable to constantly monitor your bank statements to check for any unauthorised purchases. This can help you verify your identity. You can enable mobile alerts to receive constant notifications when a transaction is conducted and where. 

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Tips to protect debit card fraud

Even when it has never happened to you, there is nothing wrong with taking steps to prevent the risks. Some of the prominent tips to follow for protecting yourself against the risk of debit card fraud are:

  1. You should always secure your physical debit card. 
  2. It is always advisable to use the ATMs that the banks provide. This will also reduce the risk of any scams. 
  3. You can always use mobile apps for payments, which are much more secure and reliable. 
  4. You must use or swipe your debit card only at trusted platforms or swipe machines to lower the risk of card duplication and fraud. 


Whether or not you have ever experienced a lost or stolen debit card, it is always advisable to secure it. With technological advancement, you can safeguard your debit card and protect it against the risk of fraudulent activities. The debit cards are convenient, but you must also ensure you're keeping them properly.

Not only will it help to avoid being stolen or misused, but it also protects the debit card thoroughly. Alternatively, consider opening a Kotak 811 digital savings account with a virtual debit card. This not only simplifies usage but also eliminates the need for tracking or the risk of theft.