Terms and Conditions - 811Super

I hereby declare that I have read all the terms and conditions applicable for 811super programme, details of features, applicable charges as per bank's general schedule of features and charges (GSFC), eligibility to join, eligibility to hold 811super Account, cashback reward criteria and I have agreed to the same.

I also understand that bank reserves the right to

  1. change 811super program and cashback qualification criteria for new or existing customers.
  2. offer 811super to selective existing customers only.
  3. offer 811super in selective geographies only.
  4. change the offer construct and alliance partners.

I’m voluntarily funding my account through MB application. I hereby give my consent to issue virtual debit card with my Kotak811 Account.

811super eligibility

  1. While completing FKYC/on-boarding to 811super program, minimum account balance should be Rs.5000.
  2. On a monthly basis, customers need to do at least one customer-initiated credit transaction of minimum Rs.5000.
  3. In case if the customer fails to credit minimum Rs.5000 for 3 consecutive calendar months. They will be downgraded to a regular 811 Full KYC Savings Account. 
  4. For joining Kotak811, one-time Rs.300 program fees will be debited as 811super enrolment fees.

811super Cashback

  1. Eligible customers - Cashback to 811super eligible customers on DC spends.
  2. Cashback construct - Flat 5% cashback to all 811super eligible customers on DC spends through Kotak811 Debit Card [E-com/ POS (Point of Sales) transactions] up to Rs.500/month.


  1. 811super eligible customers should spend via Kotak811 Debit Card.
  2. In order to calculate the spend value only the following types of transactions are eligible: - Virtual Debit Card and Physical Debit Card transactions (E-com/POS)

Important note

  1. Inter or intra bank fund transfer, ATM cash withdrawal, wallet top up (transfer from 811 Savings Account to any kind of wallet) or any other type of transaction excluding mentioned above will not be considered.
  2. Any type of UPI transactions will not be considered as spends.

Terms & conditions for cashback

  1. This cashback has been extended by Kotak Mahindra Bank to 811super customers meeting eligibility criteria of Rs.5000 credit/month.
  2. Flat 5% cashback will be given on DC spends.
  3. A customer can get maximum Rs.500 cashback/month. 
  4. To get a monthly cashback, 811super eligible customers should spend via Kotak811 Debit Card.
  5. Any kind of fund transfer, ATM cash withdrawal, and wallet top-up will not be considered as a spend.
  6. Cashback will be deposited in 30 days post completion of the month under consideration.
  7. The cashback is not transferable.
  8. Participation for the cashback is voluntary.
  9. Any Customer eligible for the cashback shall be deemed to have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions, general terms and conditions of the Bank. 
  10. Kotak Mahindra bank reserves the right, at any time, without prior notice and without assigning any reason whatsoever, to add/alter/modify/change or vary all or any of these terms and conditions or to replace, wholly or reduce the cashback. 
  11. The bank reserves the right to disqualify any customer from the benefits under the offer if any fraudulent activity is observed as being carried out for the purpose of availing the benefits under the offer.
  12. The decision of the bank in all matters in connection with and incidental to this offer is final and shall be binding on all persons.
  13. Disputes, if any, arising out of or in connection with or as a result of above cashback or otherwise relating here to shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Mumbai courts. 

Updated as on 30-05-2024