Flavours Of 811 Savings Account

Type811 Edge Savings Account811 Digital Savings Account
Index₹10,000 - Average Monthly Balance.
Enjoy additional benefits with 811 Edge.
Upgrade at the time of your in-person.
Full KYC verification.
₹0 - Average Monthly Balance.
Your zero balance account with basic features.
Debit card type and feesPlatinum ₹199/year (inclusive of taxes)Classic ₹299/year (inclusive of taxes)
Chequebook*25 FREE Leaves Yearly₹75 for 25 leaves
Branch Transactions4 FREE (up to ₹2 lakhs monthly)1 FREE (up to ₹10,000 monthly) for both cash deposit and withdrawal** separately
Home BankingAvailable @₹150/visitAvailable @₹150/visit
ATM withdrawalsFREE and unlimited (Kotak Bank ATM)
5 FREE monthly (Other Domestic Bank ATMs^)
5 FREE monthly (Kotak Bank ATM and other
Domestic Bank ATMs^ each)


*On completing Full KYC ^Maximum of 5 transactions @ nil charges (incl. financial and non-financial) in a month with a cap of Maximum 3 transactions @ nil charges in Top 6# Cities

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