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811 Credit Card

Unlock brilliant rewards on shopping forever, with the 811 Credit Card!

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Save your rupees. Spend in ‘reward points’

  • Shop online with redeemable reward points.
  • Book flights, buy movie tickets, and do much more - all with the currency of rewards.
Save your rupees. Spend in reward points - Kotak811
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Piece out - chop big bills into small EMIs

Pay for hefty purchases in affordable EMIs

Piece out - chop big bills into small EMIs- Kotak 811

Get tank-full waivers when you ride with us

Enjoy a 1% surcharge waiver on all fuel spends. Maximum waiver of Rs.3,500 in a year

Get tank-full waivers when you ride with us - Kotak 811

Expect more when you reach milestones

Earn cashback of Rs.750 or 4 free PVR tickets on annual spends of Rs.75,000

Expect rewards upon reaching milestones

Tell your friends, we don’t play hide & seek.

Credit limits disclosed upfront. No hidden costs. Control is always yours.

Transparent limits, no hidden fees and full control
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Frequently Asked Questions

Ask Kotak811

While Aadhaar is a preferred document, it isn't the sole one. Although there are other documents that you must provide, Aadhaar's comprehensive nature makes it widely accepted.

Form 16 details your salary and TDS. It's pivotal for income tax filings but isn't typically recognised as an ID or address verification document by banks.

Yes, Kotak 811 offers zero-balance accounts that can be opened and operated on a zero balance. 

A PAN card is a mandatory document for opening an account with Kotak 811.

Typically, the child's birth certificate, along with identity and address proof of the parent/guardian, is required. Get in touch with a Kotak 811 representative for more information.

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