Different Types of Debit Cards

What are the Different Types of Debit Cards in India?

A debit card has become one of the necessities of modern life. It is sometimes also referred to as a cash card because people can use it for payments instead of paying with cash. As a result, having a debit card has made it easier to make purchases. These bank cards have played an important role in helping people manage their funds safely. Since they promote seamless transactions, people are gradually using them more to use their savings and credit funds safely.

With the growing popularity of debit cards, different banks have introduced different types of debit cards in India. The introduction of such cards has helped boost the banking sector. In this article, we will take a brief look at the different types of debit cards.

Different types of debit cards

When you open a bank account, the bank will provide you with a debit card that you're eligible for. Most debit cards usually share similarities with credit cards, except for the credit feature.

Some of the most popular types of debit cards in today's world are as follows:

1. 811 dream different debit card

The 811 Dream Different debit card by Kotak811 is the perfect option for those who aspire to dream big. It comes with the features of a regular debit card and includes the feature of 'tap and pay'.

With the 811 Dream Different debit card, you will get comprehensive insurance coverage. The card comes with offers across different areas like lifestyle, fitness, fine dining, travel, and more. In the event of stolen or emergency funds, you will receive 24-hour Visa Global Customer Assistance Services.

2. Silk platinum debit card

Designed keeping in mind the needs of modern-age women, the Silk Platinum Debit Card aims to offer discounts across huge brands. With convenient features, the Silk Platinum Debit Card by Kotak also offers exclusive rewards points for your spending.

By using the Silk Platinum Debit Card for purchases, you'll be able to receive around 1500 Kotak reward points. You can redeem these points across various categories like jewellery, fashion, shopping and more. You should constantly check the KR points for better details. 

3. Platinum debit card

The Kotak Platinum Debit Card comes with a wide range of perks for premium members. The purchasing limit is around Rs 3,00,000 for Kotak Ace, Edge, and Pro. On the other hand, the withdrawal limit is Rs 1,00,000 for Kotak Ace, Edge, and Pro.

The Kotak Platinum Debit Card has a cap on surge charges. The card also comes with insurance coverage for lost or stolen cards, lost luggage, and purchase protection. With the availability of the Kotak Platinum Visa Debit Card, you will be eligible for the largest lounge access platform in the world, Priority Pass. It also offers discounts on fitness, lifestyle, fine dining, and more.

4. Custom debit card

Many banks have been offering custom debit cards for account holders. While the custom debit cards have the name, date, and card number engraved on them, as the account holder, you can customize them per your requirements.

If you want to add a picture to your card, you can do it. With the custom debit cards, you will not have to opt for the layout that the bank provides. Instead, you can easily choose the background of the card. You can also customize the colours and fonts. However, you must connect with the bank to understand your eligibility. 

5. Visa debit card

Visa debit cards are the most commonly used debit cards across the globe. When you open an account with any bank, they initially offer you only a Visa debit card. Visa debit cards are extremely safe and secure. They come with an additional layer of protection, preventing the risk of theft. Indian banks usually provide Visa electronic debit cards.

The Visa debit card usually functions based on the International Visa payment network. All the online transactions that you do with the Visa debit card will undergo a thorough, secure system. It will be verified by the visa platform. If you're a Visa debit card holder, you can also get the option of an overdraft facility. 

6. Mastercard debit card

Another very popular kind of card used exclusively among the Indian audience is the Mastercard Debit Card. It is one of the most commonly accepted electronic payment methods across the globe. You can use the SecureCode platform to easily access your current and savings account funds.

The Mastercard Debit card is an extremely popular debit card type among people because of the wide range of features and perks that it offers. You can log in to the card details and keep a check on your transactions. This will play an important role in helping you manage your finances accordingly. 

7. RuPay debit card

RuPay Debit Card is also one of the most commonly used types of debit cards in India. Founded by the National Payments Corporation of India, this card makes transactions seamless and easy. It is important to note that the RuPay Debit Cards have various offers and discounts on several e-commerce platforms.

The RuPay Debit Card is often hailed as an alternative to Mastercard. RuPay Debit cards are available in two categories: Classic and Select. Compared to other types of debit cards, RuPay debit cards usually provide a more affordable rate. Moreover, the transaction charges for these debit cards are also low.

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When applying for a debit card online, you should consider comparing the features. This will help you make the right decision. Moreover, the bank usually offers a variety of debit cards. You can compare the terms and conditions of each debit card type online. After a comparison, you must make a choice of debit card that fits all your requirements. You can also ask the bank representative to assist you in understanding and choosing better.