How you can challenge yourself to save money

How You Can Challenge Yourself To Save Money

We’ve all been taught to save money, but hardly anyone speaks about how to stay motivated while saving money. In this article, we will share some ideas to inspire your money saving journey and hope they will challenge you to save more.

Find a purpose for why you are saving money in the first place. Simplicity and fun are the essential ingredients for a successful money saving challenge. Where you don’t overstress yourself but think of it as a game.

1. Save the changes

A good way to start your money saving challenge is to save the change from daily purchases. Make it a habit to save what little change you gather throughout the day and put it aside. At the end of the month, you can deposit the amount in a savings account.

This is a great practice where you can save a decent amount of money and use the money to reward yourself at the end of the year. So, next time you come across any changes, try this trick. You will actually love this style of saving money.

2. Restrict your shopping list

Go frugal on your shopping list. Make a list of items before you visit the grocery store and avoid the temptation to fill your cart with unwanted purchases. Also, take advantage of the online grocery sales, where you can stock up on a large quantity of essentials at a very reasonable rate. A frugal lifestyle will definitely help you save more at the end of the month.

3. Accelerate your savings

This trick is ideal for an intermediate or pro saver. What you have to do is figure out how much you saved last month and then up your game for the current month. For example, if you saved Rs.1,000 last month, make sure you scale the number this month and save at least Rs.100 more than last month. Yes, the key here is to start small and don’t burden yourself. Once you know how the game works, you could set a target to save Rs.1,000 to Rs.2,000 more than last month.

4. Where to put all the savings?

Now that you have the challenge of saving extra money every month, the bigger question is, "Where to put your money?" The best option is to start a separate savings account to deposit your monthly savings. Choose an account that is flexible, full of features, and free of any hidden charges. A zero balance digital savings account could be the right choice for you.

A zero balance savings account is free of any maintenance charges, and the bank will not penalise you if you keep no balance in your account. You don’t have to visit any bank to open a digital zero balance savings account. Get it done in a few minutes from your home or office. The process to open a digital savings account is paperless, and you can validate your account via video KYC.


Challenge yourself to save more every month. The key to success is to keep up the momentum. Once you get into the saving groove, you will enjoy the challenge. This process, in return, will help you avoid unwanted spending and secure your financial future.