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811 Debit Card

The star of the story meets the hero of payments, with the 811 Debit Card.

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  • Unlock credit limit up to 90% of your FD - Kotak 811

    Shop online with a no-fee virtual debit card

  • Enjoy a lifetime free credit card - Kotak 811

    Withdraw cash at any ATM with a physical debit card

  • Earn and spend in reward points - Kotak811

    Order a physical debit card at just Rs.299/year

  • Build your credit score along the way - Kotak811

    Make global transactions online and offline

Shop the world over with the boost of Full KYC

Make big purchases and small, in India and abroad. Level up with Full KYC and shop for stuff globally.

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Enjoy ear-popping deals and exclusive discounts

Get awesome offers on your favourite shopping and dining brands. Unlock exclusive perks for the Kotak811 club.

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Save time with Tap & Pay

Shop quicker when you make contactless payments with Tap & Pay

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Move money stress-free with chip technology

Stay protected with enhanced security every time you transact with your 811 debit card.


Rest assured, we’ve got you covered

Get a complimentary insurance cover with your 811 debit card with Card Protection Liability Cover up to Rs.2.5 Lacs and Purchase Protection Cover up to Rs.50,000

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Dream big. Get your 811.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you already hold a Kotak811 savings a/c, you can apply for a debit card in three easy steps.

  1. Log into the Kotak - 811 Mobile Banking App
  2. Tap on Virtual Debit Card
  3. Select Apply Now

Please note: An annual fee of ?299 will be deducted from your account for the physical debit card.

Kotak811 Lite a/c holders must complete their Full KYC to apply for a physical debit card.

Not a Kotak customer? Get your 811 savings a/c today!

A nominal annual fee of Rs.299/- is deducted from your account for a physical debit card.

Kotak811 Lite a/c holders must complete their KYC to apply for a physical debit card. 

Your virtual debit card will continue to remain active even after you have ordered a physical debit card. You can use both, the virtual and the physical debit card.

Kotak811 is a fully digital a/c. So, a virtual, in-app card is instantly issued free of cost! You can use this virtual debit card to perform all online transactions. You must separately place a request for a physical debit card through the Kotak811 Mobile Banking App.

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