811 Super

Enjoy a feature-studded savings account that offers more of everything.
Take your banking experience to the next level by upgrading to 811 Super.

Perks that feel platinum forever

Get a platinum debit card with 811 Super. Enjoy a higher daily withdrawal limit of Rs.1 lakh and a spend limit of Rs.3 lakhs.

811 Super Card

Feel like a superstar

Experience dedicated customer service. Use the 'Click to call' feature in our Kotak811 app for a prompt call back from our team.

811 Super Orange Phone

Rewards that make spending worth it

Enjoy FLAT 5% cashback up to Rs.6,000* per year (Rs.500 every month) on your Debit Card spends.

Glass Coin Web Version

Safety that stays a cut above

Get unmatched insurance benefits

Personal accidental death cover up to Rs.25 lakhs

Air accident insurance of Rs.50 lakhs

Lost baggage insurance of Rs.1 lakh

Purchase protection limit of Rs.1 lakh

Lost card liability of Rs.3.5 lakhs


It’s super smooth


Deposit Rs.5,000 in your account every month

Deposit ₹5,000 in your account every month as a single credit. In case you miss an installment, you can regularise it easily by depositing it in the next month.

Bag rewards for regular spending

Enjoy FLAT 5% cashback up to ₹6,000* per year (₹500 every month) on your Debit Card spends.

Simplify life with Kotak811 Edge savings account

Make life easier. Get your 811.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No. You don't have to maintain any balance to remain a part of this program. You just have to ensure an ₹5,000 credit every month to get cashback

Missed a deposit? No sweat. 811 Super membership will be live for one year form date of subscription. 

It should be ₹5000 in one transaction. 

5% flat cashback up to ₹500/month will be given on Debit Card spends

Debit Card spends via ECOM (E-commerce) & POS (Point of sales) will be considered.

Yes. Cashback only will be offered on Debit Card spend. Please check the detailed 811 Super Terms and Conditions

No. Cashback will only be given on Debit Card spends via ECOM and POS.

Plan will automatically cancelled after one year from date of subscription.

Just login to MB app and click on ''Upgrade to 811 Super''. You'll be added to the waitlist. 

Your cashback will be credited to your account by 30th of the next month of the qualification month. It'll be credited in your account

We've created a dedicated call center for you. Just place a request through MB app and our service officer will call you on your registered mobile number

No new card will be issued. All benefits will be transferred to the older Debit Card. Kindly refer the below link for card related Terms and Conditions

No new cheque book will be issued.

Kindly refer the below link for General schedule for charges.

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