How to trick yourself into spending less money

How To Trick Yourself Into Spending Less Money

We have gathered and put together some top tips you could use to trick your brain into spending less. We know it’s not easy to control the habit of spending a little and hope these hacks will definitely help you.

Treat yourself

You must be thinking these guys have gone crazy. No, we are still in all our senses. We want you to experiment with your purchases; why can’t your next purchase be a prize rather than a burden?

So how is it possible, say, you just can’t avoid buying your morning coffee and need your first cigarette of the day to go along with it? But, every day, a part of you regrets both of them and wants to quit. Let’s turn this into a challenge. Make sure not to have any of them for 6 days, and on the 7th day you can reward yourself with a morning coffee takeaway.

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Now what are the benefits? You are taking serious steps towards a healthier self, not only that you are actually saving a lot at the end of the month.

Bye-bye shopping apps

We end up spending more every month because of these shopping apps. The convenience provided by them tends to drive us towards purchasing more. Delete an app or two for a couple of months and you will see the difference we are talking about. You can also consider deleting multiple food delivery apps and unwanted OTT subscriptions.

A penny saved is a penny earned

The biggest trick to spending less is to save more. Budget your expenses and put the rest of your money in a savings account. You can open a digital savings account from your phone. Apply for a zero balance savings account; the best part of such a savings account is that there are no maintenance charges and you pay zero joining fees. You earn interest on every penny saved in a zero balance savings account. 

A month without vices

We all have our own vices, and that could be anything from clothes to entertainment. It is ok to nurture them at times. But challenge yourself not to indulge in your vice for a month. You will save money, that’s for sure, but you will also develop the art of tackling your impulses next time you want to indulge in your vice.


Congratulations! Now you know some of the simple hacks to trick yourself into spending less. We wish you a prosperous saving and hope you will surely achieve your financial goals. Don’t forget to open a digital savings account to park your cash.

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