how to withdraw money from atm without card

How To Withdraw Money From An ATM Without A Card

When in need of hard cash, most individuals rush to the ATM with their cards. They must learn more about convenient alternatives for withdrawing money without a debit card. As technology advances and reshapes banking practices, customers can use these conveniences. Mobile banking apps and innovative cardless withdrawal techniques offer the freedom to access cash even without carrying a physical debit card.

This article introduces the concept of using mobile banking apps for cardless transactions. Once we explore how to make ATM transactions without a card, we will explore the advantages of cardless cash withdrawal. This approach provides convenience and fosters enhanced security, paving the way for a smoother and more secure financial future. Learn more about this modern banking feature today!

So how to withdraw money from an ATM without a card? Here's how:

Step by step guide to cardless cash withdrawal

Discover the ease of cardless cash withdrawal. Follow these simple steps to access funds conveniently and make the most of this modern banking feature.

Step 1: Choose the option 'Withdraw cash without card (IMT)' at the ATM

Step 2: Enter the mobile number registered for Cardless Cash Withdrawal. For self-withdrawal, enter the registered mobile number.

Step 3: Add the 4-digit code set while initiating the request

Step 4: Enter the SMS code received from the bank

Step 5: Enter the exact amount since partial withdrawals are usually not an option

Step 6: Collect cash

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Benefits of cardless cash withdrawal

Discover the advantages of cardless cash withdrawal, offering a new way for individuals to access funds conveniently. The user enjoys enhanced security through unique authorisation codes and mobile verification, ensuring a seamless and safe banking experience.

24X7 convenience for transactions

During unforeseen emergencies, one can never predict when the need for cash may arise. Individuals can now swiftly obtain cash without carrying a physical card. Whether it's an urgent medical situation, a travel requirement, or any other unexpected event, banks make sure that customers can access cash whenever and wherever they need it. 

Secure and convenient transaction

When it comes to financial matters, security takes precedence. Each cardless transaction is meticulously designed to be safe, secure. When individuals might find it impossible to take out cash after regular banking hours without a debit or credit card, cardless withdrawal comes to the rescue. By utilising the latest security protocols, banks ensure that every cardless withdrawal is protected from potential risks and threats. The user-friendly process guarantees a smooth, secure, and stress-free experience. 

Self withdrawal, as we-ll as helping beneficiaries

Those days are gone when only cardholders had the privilege of accessing cash. This innovative feature empowers individuals to cater to their financial needs and extend a helping hand to their loved ones during tough times. Whether it's assisting family members, friends, or employees, cardless withdrawal service allows for an environment of support and financial inclusivity, positively affecting the lives of many.

The simplicity of the process ensures that individuals can swiftly transfer funds, making it a reliable and efficient solution for urgent financial requirements. 

Registered beneficiaries need not have a bank account or a debit card

The beauty of cardless withdrawals lies in their inclusivity and flexibility. Beneficiaries can handle a bank account or a debit card to access the funds sent to them by the account holder. This feature simplifies the process and removes potential barriers that might have limited financial assistance to those without traditional banking facilities. By empowering users to select their beneficiaries without putting any conditions or special terms, banks allow a compassionate and all-encompassing approach to financial support. Banks strive to build stronger connections within communities through this thoughtfully designed service and uplift those needing financial aid.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, individuals can enjoy the flexibility of cardless withdrawals from any ATM facility, adding an extra layer of convenience to their financial transactions. This method allows customers to take charge of their banking needs, allowing them to access cash without carrying a card at all times.

By embracing this simplified financial route, users can experience financial ease. Many digitally forward customer-first banks like Kotak811 are now committed to enhancing customer experiences. Whether it's a last-minute travel plan, an urgent expense, or a way of support towards beneficiaries, cardless withdrawal ensures individuals can easily navigate their financial journey.

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Why indian users are welcoming cardless withdrawal

The straightforward and user-friendly process allows individuals to initiate their cardless withdrawal with a few simple steps. By leveraging technology and prioritising customer satisfaction, banks continue to change the landscape of modern banking, empowering customers to shape their financial futures on their terms.

India is known to be the fastest country to adopt digital payment modes like UPI. As a country, we've always welcomed all digital advancements. However, only a few know that cash can be withdrawn without a card, and it's important that we spread the word.

The youth and elderly citizens will equally benefit from this. Additionally, it does away with the fear of losing a card, hiding the pin, forgetting the pin and the general hassle of safety in cardless cash withdrawal.


In conclusion, the ability to withdraw money from an ATM without a card has become easier than ever, thanks to technological advancements. These methods offer a secure and efficient way to access funds while reducing the risks associated with traditional card-based transactions. By learning these innovative approaches and staying informed, individuals can enjoy a safe financial experience, paving the way for a future where cashless transactions are the way to go.

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