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What Is Re-KYC Online - Know Process & Details

Why Re-KYC matters 

Re-KYC online, a procedure that has grown significantly in popularity, is one of the key components in assuring security, transparency, and accuracy. It involves the bank collecting the Know Your Customer (KYC) information  to  stay abreast with the customer’s personal details and contact information. Re-KYC is essential for securing financial transactions while upholding regulatory standards in the modern digital age, when convenience and security are of the utmost importance. Leading digital bank Kotak811 has introduced this vital procedure for their zero balance account with Video KYC.

Let's first discuss what KYC is in a bank scenario, before we talk about re-KYC. KYC is a vital banking procedure that helps financial institutions confirm the identification of customers and evaluate any risks related to their accounts.

Re-KYC is a procedure that involves routinely updating and confirming customer information that financial institutions have on record. Knowing what Re-KYC means helps you better understand banking and makes it safer and more transparent. Here are a few points on its importance.

Assurance of Regulatory Compliance: The regulatory structure controlling financial institutions in India must include Re-KYC. This makes it easier to keep records updated.

Protecting Against Identity Theft and Fraud: Re-KYC assists in quickly identifying and flagging unwanted or questionable account activity. Financial institutions may stop the creation of fake accounts and quickly take action against any illegal access attempts by routinely confirming the identity of their customers. 

Enhancing Customer Data Accuracy: In order to correct any errors or inconsistencies in customer data, Re-KYC is essential. The chance of mistakes in transactions and communications is reduced by keeping personal information, contacts, and identity papers updated. 

Re-KYC online process 

Let's lead you through the process so you can easily do your Re-KYC online.

Step 1: Logging into Your Account- Log in to your account with your registered credentials to start the Re-KYC procedure. Your username and password serve as your gateway to a world of financial convenience.

Step 2: Go to the Re-KYC Section- The Re-KYC option is placed carefully to guarantee simple access and prompt compliance. Just a few clicks can keep your KYC status updated!

Step 3: Providing Updated Information- Provide any updated information that may have changed since your most recent KYC update. In order to facilitate easy connection and uninterrupted services, it is crucial to maintain your personal and contact information up to date. Take a moment to review and update your information with the utmost accuracy.

Step 4: Uploading Supporting Documents- You must upload the appropriate proof in this stage in order to verify the present information given. All documents that are submitted are encrypted and stored securely. A list of acceptable papers are available for your reference.

Step 5: Verification and Confirmation- The information and documents you provided will now be checked by the bank. 

Key details to keep in mind 

We would like to draw your attention to certain important details regarding Re-KYC standards and the valid documents required for the procedure.

Valid Documents for Re-KYC: Valid KYC documents mean proving your identity, address, and other relevant details. Government-issued photo identities such as an Aadhaar card, passport, voter ID, or driver's licence are frequently accepted documents. Utility invoices, bank statements, or rental agreements are acceptable forms of legitimate address evidence. To ensure a smooth verification procedure, make sure that these papers are current, valid, and readable.

Address and Identity Proof Requirements: There is an extensive list of papers that are recognised as legitimate evidence and are in accordance with regulatory standards. To view the most recent list, visit the Kotak811 website or the branch closest to you. However, usually an electricity bill can serve the purpose.

Updating Contact Information: Keep your contact information updated to make your banking experience hassle-free. Contact the bank immediately in case of any changes. Prompt communication allows the bank to provide important information to you efficiently and guarantees that services are provided without interruption.

Tips for a smooth Re-KYC experience 

Although the procedure may initially appear difficult, here are a few tips to help you have a simple and secure Re-KYC experience.

Organisation & Preparedness: Make sure you have all the required documents before starting the Re-KYC procedure. The verification procedure will go faster if these documents are in order. It's important to have quick access to digital copies of your documents. Store your papers safely on your computer or mobile device by scanning or taking pictures of them. Preparing KYC documents means you can quickly fill out all of the required sections during the online Re-KYC procedure.

Seeking Assistance from Customer Support: During the Re-KYC procedure, if you have any questions or run into any problems, don't be afraid to contact the devoted customer support team. The bank website has FAQs and tutorials pertaining to the KYC procedure.

Being Cautious with Third-Party Links: Use only the official channels the institution provides for Re-KYC. Do not click any links that you receive through emails or other communication channels. To steal your personal information, scammers can try to pose as bank staff or other financial organisations.


You can now conduct your Re-KYC procedure as you understand re-KYC and its meaning. By understanding the purpose and benefits of Re-KYC, both customers and financial institutions can work together to enhance security, combat fraud, and maintain regulatory compliance. Embracing the convenience of online Re-KYC procedures streamlines the verification process for customers, while enabling institutions to efficiently update customer records.

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