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How To Get Cashback On Credit Card Bill Payment?

How to go about cashback rewards

Credit cards offer a host of benefits to all customers, and cashback is a popular one among them. It enables the cardholders to save funds and get back a part of their spending amount.

Today, we will take a closer look at the key things to consider while getting a cashback on credit card bill payment and the top mobile applications that facilitate the process.

Cashback rewards are benefits extended by credit card issuers to encourage card usage. In this process, some part of the amount you spend at the time of your purchase is credited to your card account. This can be redeemed into your bank account with direct transfers. 

1. Choose the right credit card

There are various kinds of cards available in the market, and you must opt for the right one that meets your requirements. Selecting the best card can significantly facilitate easy cashback along with offering additional benefits. 

There are dedicated cashback credit cards offered by banks, which are made for earning cashback on credit card bill payment. 

Rewards credit cards, while not solely focused on cashback, often offer the option to redeem rewards points or miles for cashback. Rotating category cards change their cashback categories throughout the year, allowing cardholders to earn more cashback in specific areas. Flat-rate cashback cards offer a consistent cashback percentage on all purchases, making them simple to use without the need to track different categories.

2. Understand the terms

Once you've chosen the right cashback credit card, it's essential to become familiar with its terms and conditions. This includes understanding the cashback percentage, eligible purchases, any exclusions, thresholds, and expiration dates associated with your card. These details can help you get easy cashback by choosing a card that meets your financial goals. 

3. Remember the eligibility & exceptions

To effectively get cashback on your credit card bill payments, it's crucial to be well-versed in its eligibility. Your chosen credit card may offer different cashback percentages for various types of purchases, so understanding which transactions qualify for rewards is key. 

Typically, regular purchases such as groceries, gas, dining, and online shopping are eligible for cashback rewards. However, there may be exclusions, such as cash advances or balance transfers, that do not earn cashback. 

Additionally, some cards may have minimum spending requirements to unlock higher cash back percentages. Be aware of these thresholds and aim to reach them when possible.

4. Redeem cashback wisely

Once you've accumulated cashback rewards, it's essential to redeem them wisely. While some credit cards automatically apply cashback as a statement credit, others may require you to redeem it manually. Consider your financial goals when deciding how to use your cashback rewards. 

5. Use mobile wallets and digital payment platforms

Many credit card issuers offer additional cashback rewards for using mobile wallets and digital payment platforms. These platforms link your credit card with your bank accounts to make secure payments. 

6. Rewards became more rewarding Kotak811 credit cards

Discover the outstanding benefits of Kotak811 Credit Cards designed to elevate your financial experience. Whether you choose the #DreamDifferent Credit Card or the 811 Credit Card, you're in for a world of rewards and financial convenience.

811 Credit card: rewarding shopping forever

The 811 Credit Card is your ticket to brilliant shopping rewards, terrific savings, and bang on cashback rewards. Here’s why it’s the card among credit cards:

1. Rewarding shopping: Earn redeemable reward points while you shop, allowing you to indulge in a variety of experiences.

2. Flexible payments: Break down substantial bills into manageable EMIs for affordable and stress-free purchases.

3. Fuel savings: Enjoy a 1% surcharge waiver on all fuel expenses, with a generous annual maximum waiver of Rs.3,500.

4. Cashback or PVR tickets: Earn cashback of Rs.750 or receive 4 free PVR movie tickets on annual spends of Rs.75,000.

5. Transparent credit limits: With Kotak 811 Credit Cards, your credit limits are disclosed upfront, ensuring transparency and control over your finances without hidden costs.

Dream different credit card: realize your dreams

The Dream Different Credit Card offers a range of exceptional benefits to align with your financial aspirations. You don’t need a stable job, income, or credit history: all you need to do is open an FD with Kotak811 and get a secured credit card that allows you a credit limit up to 90% of your FD value. The minimum FD amount is as low as Rs.5,000. Here’s what you get when you imagine credit different:

1. Reward points: Earn 1 reward point for every Rs.100 spent offline and 2 reward points for every Rs.100 spent online.

2. Activation offer: Receive a bonus of 500 Reward Points when you activate your card and spend Rs.5000 within the initial 45 days of card issuance.

3. Interest-Free Withdrawal: Enjoy the flexibility of interest-free cash withdrawals, up to 90% of your total credit limit.

4. Balance transfer: Seamlessly transfer your outstanding balances from other credit cards to consolidate your payments.

5. Fuel surcharge waiver: Get a 1% fuel surcharge waiver on transactions ranging from Rs.500 to Rs.3000, with an annual maximum waiver of Rs.3500.

6. Railway Surcharge Waiver: Save on railway surcharges for transactions on and Indian Railways Booking Counters, with a maximum annual waiver of Rs.500.

7. 811 DreamDifferent shield: Benefit from a Rs.50,000 cover against fraudulent card usage, providing you with added security.

By carefully selecting the most suitable credit card, grasping the intricacies of its cashback program, and making informed decisions regarding your spending habits, you have the potential to transform routine expenditures into a source of savings. Don't overlook the opportunity to get attractive cashback benefits and improve your overall financial health.

Kotak811 allows you to make a free credit card application online. Choose the right credit card to streamline your cashbacks and literally generate a new source of passive income!

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