Kotak Launches Book FD Via WhatsApp

Kotak Launches Book FD Via WhatsApp

This will allow customers to book a fixed deposit from their Kotak811 account while using the messaging application; WhatsApp, without the need to visit the bank or use internet banking.

How will it work?

Step 1: You visit the Kotak811 WhatsApp chat (Number: +91 7710811811)

Step 2: Here, you have to type in "book FD" to open a fixed deposit.

Step 3: Enter the amount for which you wish to open a fixed deposit.

Step 4: Select your tenure from a pre-defined list based on your requirements.

Step 5: An OTP will be shared on your registered mobile number, and you will have to share the same on WhatsApp for authentication.

Step 6: After confirmation, a detailed summary of the newly created FD will be shared with you. A push notification will also be triggered, specifying the status of your fixed deposit.

Click here to open a fixed deposit via WhatsApp now.

The basic requirements to open a fixed deposit via WhatsApp are:

  • A customer should have a registered number.
  • The customer should be a Full KYC 811 account holder or an 811Edge account holder.
  • Their account balance should be greater than Rs.5000.
  • The amount of FD should range between Rs.500 and Rs.50000.

The new feature will give customers the ability to open and enjoy the benefits of a fixed deposit at any time and from anywhere.

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