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How to Reactivate an Inactive or Dormant Savings Account?

Understanding inactive & dormant savings accounts

Many people end up with an inactive or dormant savings account. It might be due to financial changes, unexpected events, or a lack of attention. Life is busy; there are no two ways about it.

Fortunately, you can learn how to activate your 811 dormant account online. All you need is ID proof and address verification, or you could fill out forms with a written request that states your intention to renew the account.

This blog will help you activate your 811 dormant account online. It also provides useful tips on how to reactivate an inactive or dormant savings account. A dormant savings account is an inoperative account with 2 years of no activity. Follow these tips and ensure your savings account remains available for use and withdrawals.

Let us begin by learning the differences between an inactive and dormant account:

Inactive account: Your savings account becomes inactive after 12 months of no activity. Until you reactivate it, you won't be able to do any transactions.

Dormant/inoperative account: It is an account in which you have not made any withdrawals or deposits for 24 months. Even if your account is still active, you cannot access it until you reactivate it.

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Differentiating between inactive and dormant accounts

It is important to know the differences as it impacts how to reactivate bank accounts.

Inactivity period: An account becomes inactive after not being used for 12 months, while it takes 24 months of no activity for an account to be deemed dormant.

Banking limitations: Inactive accounts may limit some services like online banking and debit card access. But dormant accounts impose more limitations, including ATMs, phone banking and Internet banking restrictions.

Reactivation process: To activate your 811 dormant account online, you can simply resume banking activities like making deposits, withdrawals or transfers. Some banks let you reactivate inactive accounts online. For dormant accounts, you must request reactivation from the bank and give identity proof

Income tax reporting: You should report all active, inactive and dormant accounts when filing taxes. 

Customer support assistance: Inactive accounts may have regular customer support assistance available, where you can contact the bank for any account-related assistance. In the case of dormant accounts, customer support may be limited until you activate your 811 dormant account online.

Restrictions on a dormant account

When a savings account becomes dormant, certain limits and restrictions are put in place to protect the account's security. 

  • Limited use of ATMs, online banking and mobile banking apps: Once an account is marked dormant, the account holder may have restricted or limited access to these banking services.
  • Restrictions on cheque transactions: Writing or cashing cheque from a dormant account may not be allowed or require special permission.
  • Limits on requesting a new cheque book: Getting a new cheque book for a dormant account could be subject to certain rules or need extra verification.
  • Restrictions on updating account information: Changing the account holder's address, signature, phone number or other details may be limited for a dormant account.
  • Restrictions on joint accounts: Adding or removing account holders from a joint dormant account could be subject to specific rules.
  • Limits on issuing or renewing cards: Getting or renewing ATM cards, debit cards or credit cards linked to a dormant account may have certain requirements.

These limitations are put in place to reduce the chance of unauthorised access while the account is dormant. Hence, it is important to activate your 811 dormant account online.

How to reactivate your bank account

Step 1. Download the Kotak811 App  

Step 2. Click on the ‘Reactivate’ button

Step 3. Verify your Aadhaar card with OTP

Step 4. Upload your PAN card

Step 5. Ensure your internet connection is good, and start your V-KYC

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How to activate your dormant account

Step 1. Verify your Aadhaar with OTP 

Step 2. Upload your PAN card image

Step 3. Ensure your face is always visible during the video call

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What is an OTP/Wallet account?

An OTP/Wallet account is a savings account where FKYC has not been done. Such an account has certain limitations. So, it is better to get your KYC done to take full advantage of your Kotak811 Savings Account. Customers are not allowed to do NEFT/RTGS transactions in the case of an OTP/Wallet account. Also, there are other limitations when it comes to fund transfers.

How to complete FKYC for OTP/Wallet account

Step 1. Verify your Aadhaar card with OTP

Step 2. Upload your PAN card

Step 3. Keep a piece of white paper and a pen handy for signature verification

Step 4. Ensure your internet connection is good, and start your V-KYC

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There are multiple benefits to reactivating your dormant savings account:

  • First, you protect your money and avoid potential fees or penalties that could decrease your savings over time.
  • Second, reactivate bank accounts restores access to useful banking services and features like online banking, debit cards and cheque books, allowing for convenient money management and updates.
  • Third, once you know about how to activate a dormant account, you can use the account again to save money for your goals, earn interest and include it when filing taxes to properly support your financial planning.

Knowing the key differences and taking the appropriate steps helps you reactivate your account and avoid any potential loss of funds. Reactivating an account protects your money and restores convenient access to banking services like online banking, debit cards and cheque books. It enables you to save money, earn interest and correctly include the account details in your tax filings, supporting your financial goals and plans.

To reactivate your account, contact your bank, submit the necessary documents and do a financial transaction. Once reactivated, actively using the account afterwards helps ensure it remains active and accessible for future use.

If you’re looking to open a zero balance account online, Kotak811’s digital savings account is an easy and quick solution with many features and benefits. Save as you wish, with no minimum balance restrictions, make banking easier for yourself.

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